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Soca Invasion Weekend Ghana

today 13 January 2022


Link to the Tickets on the right ->>

Have you ever been to Ghana?

No, say no more!!! We take our FETES to the Nextlevel. Feteventz together with Dynasty Entertainment provide you the Soca Invasion Weekend.
We at FETEVENTZ believe in sharing the love of Soca together and spread it across the globe.
Bring out ya rags, your worst behavior connect with your team and GET READY FOR ACCRA GHANA!

We provide you a unique oppertunity to travel to exotic locations across the globe and yet be able to enjoy the Caribbean culture.
At Ghana we have something special planned for you.

So what on the menu?
Good question, we provide you with:

– Full accomodation ( Breakfast included )
– Airport pickup and dropoff at the airport (Accra, Kotoka Airport)
– Entree to all Soca Invasion FETES

Two Tours
– Ghana Tour to see the beauty of accra from a different perspective
– A visit to the Animal sanctuary

How do your get there?
That is very easy, Tickets are not included!
So we helped you out a bit as we do with all our fetes. We try to make it as easy as possible for you to get the best experience you can imagine.

We looked up some flights for you, to help you on your way.
These prices might be different based on your time of purchasing as well your country of residence.


Amsterdam – ACCRA
price:  €749 from AMS – ACC ( 6:30 flight KLM)

Paris – ACCRA
price:  €659 from paris – ACC ( 6:35 flight Airfrance)

price:  €719 from paris – ACC ( 6:35 flight Airfrance)( transfer through amsterdam)

Berlin- ACCRA
price:  €716 from paris – ACC ( 9:05flight Airfrance) ( transfer through amsterdam)

Kopenhagen – ACCRA
price:  €785 from paris – ACC ( 8:50 flight Airfrance) ( transfer through amsterdam)

price:  €735 from paris – ACC ( 9:05 flight Airfrance) ( transfer through amsterdam)


If you have any question please contact us through the contact page or our feteventz instagram.

ALL DEPOSITS AND PAYMENTS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE! There are no exceptions to our cancellation policy unless its due to Covid 19 pandemic regulations. We do not offer Weekend Credit for cancellations of any kind. *

All full refund is only done when the fetes are canceled in Ghana. When purchasing you agree to all our terms above.
This event is made possible by Dynasty Entertainment.





Begin 13 January 2022
End 19 January 2022
Address accra, Ghana
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